Information and Resources

Information and Resources

The Royal Parks virtually

We recognise not everyone can come to the Royal Parks right now, so we want to bring the Royal Parks to you. Be prepared to escape into the nature, heritage and beauty of our incredible green spaces from the comfort of your own home.

Green Cities Webinars from TCPA

Missed those parks webinars. They are here to watch

Recovery will happen in Public Space

Integrating Health into Urban Planning

These resources and tools can be used by everyone involved in the planning process. Whether you are an urban planner, mayor, developer, architect, landscape architect, engineer, researcher or public health professional, doctor, nurse, community health worker or local community activist, this document aims to inform and inspire you, while also providing practical information on how to take action.

History and Pandemics and the role of green spaces

The Impact of Covid-19 and wildflowers blooming

The importance of gardens in lockdown

Why we are craving the outdoors in the lockdown

Tree Talks and Tree Trails

Funding Crisis as a result of Covid-19

Celebrating Bees

Nature and Lockdown

Time to rethink education and the natural world

Place Making and Green Infrastructure

Should those living near public spaces pay more taxes?

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